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Father Neff's notes

Dragon Tails News

Spring 2018

Capital Fund Campaign

The end of June marks to formal end to our Capital Fund Campaign. We have surpasses our pledged goal of $712,000.00! While a few pledges have not been completely paid (and we hope you will do so by the end of June if possible), we achieved the goal because some of you gave more than you pledged. We also received some funds that were memorial gifts from parishioners who died.The work for which those funds were given is not complete. Still to be done is work in the Community Life Center. Another classroom will be divided into two rooms. Three rooms will have ceilings lowered, and new LED lighting will be installed. Also, some remaining funds will be added to the Endowment Fund for our two cemeteries’ maintenance. And the gravel parking lots will be resurfaced. So please complete the payments on your pledge if you have not done so. Excess funds after the above work is finished will be used to complete work on the Church stained glass windows.

In gratitude for the completion of the Capital Campaign, the Sunday Mass on June 24 will be a special Mass of celebration and thanksgiving. Make plans NOW to attend. A special surprise is planned!

Cemetery Guidelines

As per Cemetery Guidelines, ALL decorations in the grass must be either removed, attached to the tombstone, or in containers that are cemented/glues to the headstone/concrete PRIOR to the start of the growing season. They can be put back in the grass sometime after the growing season, probably late November. They must be removed so the lawn-mowing company can do a good job.

Church Stained Glass Windows

Phase 1 work on the Church Stained Glass Windows will begin between late April and the end of May. The 5 larger windows on the north side of the building and both windows in the sanctuary will be cleaned and restored. New exterior, protective tempered glass will be installed. When we receive the remainder of the needed funds from donations/etc., the remainder of the windows will be restored.

Memorial Day – May 28, 2018

9am Mass at St. George Cemetery

This year the Memorial Day Mass will be held at St. George Cemetery at 9am. Bring a lawn chair for seating. In case of rain, the Mass will be celebrated in Church.

Summer Activities

β€’ Family Life and Social Activities Committee of the Parish Council will have activities on the lawn this Summer. Watch the Weekend Bulletin for more information

β€’ Anniversary Dinner for those celebrating milestone wedding anniversaries –May 5

β€’ Annual Picnic – August 11, 2018

November 11, 2018

This will be a very busy and important day for St. George Paris

β€’ We begin the 125th Year of the anniversary of the founding of St. George Parish.

β€’ We are the host parish this year for the Veterans Day Mass in Clinton County

β€’ We begin our Joint Parish Mission with St. Mary, Trenton, IL

β€’ This would have been the date of our Nov. Chicken Dinner. More on this later. Please watch for news in the Weekend Parish Bulletin.

Thank you...

β€’ … to Jeff & Zach Bair, Grimm & Gorley Florist & Cupcakes too, for planning and coordinating the Church Environment for Lent & Easter; thanks also to those who helped do the decorating;

β€’ … to Marvin Spaeth & Spaeth Welding for designing and building new storage racks for the tables in Hodapp Hall of the CLC

β€’ … to Terry Thole and our choir for all the time and effort you put into making our Lenten, Holy Week, and Easter liturgies beautiful, uplifting, and joyous experiences for us;

β€’ … to our quilters and those who clean our church; your time and efforts are truly appreciated

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