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St George Youth Ministry

Mission Statement

Leading teens closer to Christ

Vision Statement

We are a haven for teenagers in an unforgiving culture.
We offer Jesus and the love of His Church to them
exactly where they are, at that moment
We exist to help any teenager, from any background,
to discover God’s purpose for their lives.

SGM Life Teen is the high school youth ministry
for our partner parishes, St. George, New Baden
and St. Mary, Trenton.
We are open to any teen in 9th-12th grade,
regardless of religious background.
SGM Life Teen strives to bring our faith
to our young Church, where they are in life.
We have Life Nights every other Sunday night,
except when in a series, and a Life Teen Word,
a Bible study, every Wednesday night.
We participate in relevant catechesis, relational
ministry, service projects, retreat experiences,
social excursions and more!
If you have questions about SGM Life Teen,
you can email us at
and you can follow us on
our social media handles
(Instragram and Facebook).